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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, composed primarily of current parents as well as alumni and parents of alumni, is the School’s governing body. They are responsible for protecting the mission and the values of the School, and ensuring North Shore’s long-term stability, vitality and financial health. Their leadership and support is invaluable, especially in setting the School’s direction through the strategic-planning process.
2015 - 2016 Board of Trustees
Bruce Blair '69, Secretary
Michael Canmann
Cori Chandler
Erica Eiseman Conlon, President of the Benefit Board
Thomas Doar III, Head of School
Vahe Dombalagian, Treasurer
Tim Flannery
Thomas Flickinger
Susan Aiken Fortier, Vice President of the Parents' Association
Dee Fortson
Katie Freiburger
Bert Getz
Rashid Ghazi '85
Amy Gray
David Hines '81, President of the Alumni Association
Mary Pick Hines '49 *
Inge Michielsen-Hondmann, Parents' Association President
Rev. Raymond Hylton
Anne Kelly
James Lumberg, Chair
Joe Nolan
Molly Shotwell Oelerich '87, Vice Chair
Kenny Olatunji
Noreen Potempa
Maggie Scheyer
Fritz Souder
Kwesi Steele
Duff Stevenson
David Thomas
Tina Trott
Ken Viellieu
Hillary Wirtz '97

* Life Trustee