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Upper School

A Cappella Club
Focuses on creating different types of music using only voices.

Community Service Club
Committed to North Shore's motto, "Live and Serve," this club organizes community service projects to involve the entire school. Students build and develop long-term relationships with national and regional community-service groups, and organize volunteers for soup kitchens, drives, fundraisers and blood drives.

Diller Street Journal
North Shore’s student-run newspaper is the Diller Street Journal. Student editors work with a faculty advisor covering a broad range of topics from School activities and concerns to regional, national and international issues.

E Club
This environmental club strives to make the School a more environmentally-friendly place by composting, growing food for the cafeteria to use in daily meals and other activities.

Economics Club
Economics Club analyzes the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, with a focus on strategic investments in stock and commodities exchanges.

Erika's Lighthouse

The missions of Erika's Lighthouse is to "strive to break the stigma and educate communities about mental health issues through various programs directed toward schools, teachers, parents, kids and physicians and other health professionals.

Experiential Education
The Experiential Education (Ex Ed) program is designed to highlight the unique experiences and needs of students by grade. Our goal is to complement and supplement the academic program by offering a series of experiences throughout the course of the year that support and build upon the goals of each grade. The Ex Ed program provides students with practical applications of lessons learned in the classroom. The all-school Experiential Education Day at the beginning of the school year sets the tone for each grade’s experience throughout the year.

(Global Empowerment Movement)
Raises awareness about and funds for grassroots charities in less developed countries.  Last year, the club raised over $1,000 for Charity Water.  This year, they are raising money and supplies for schools in Rwanda.

Gay-Straight Alliance

Students who identify as lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender and questioning gather to discuss and promote awareness of issues of sexuality and gender. The group works to break down the silence that often surrounds some of these issues through support, respect and education.

This annual weekend of festivities begins with an all-school pep rally and includes a barbecue, bonfire, Alumni/Varsity field hockey game and various other athletic games, the Upper School Homecoming Dance and Reunion Class gatherings.

Students in this club educate the School about the value of being a diverse community and organizes Diversity Day in the spring.

A cultural club that provides an introduction to various Korean Pop groups/musicians.

This co-ed group meets twice a week to play lacrosse.

LAWL Club (Laughing All Week Long)
An improvisation theater group dedicated to further enhancing improvisational skills while having fun.

Lit Club (Student Writers' Workshop)
Dedicated to creative writing in many forms including poetry, flash fiction, memoir pieces, short stories and other works.

Louder Than a Bomb
A poetry and spoken word group emphasizing self-expression and community via poetry, oral story-telling, and hip-hop spoken word.

Math/AMC Club
Distributes, discusses and solves weekly problem sets from past American Mathematics Contests in preparation for the annual AMC test.

Media Club
A video and multi-media production group. 

Mikva Challenge
This bipartisan group has representatives from both parties interact with the club.  The group volunteer for the League of Women Voters, hosted a debate party and help get out the vote.

The Mirror 
The student yearbook involves students who prepare copy and take photos, then edit and design the publication as well as manage its business operations and sales.

Model United Nations 
Students involved in Model United Nations prepare for regional conferences at Harvard University, The University of Chicago and possibly one or two other local or regional events. Students research their assigned country, write position papers and learn how to speak in a public forum.

Night Ministry

Prepares and distributes sack dinners to homeless or in-need adults and families alongside the Night Ministry Health Outreach Bus.

Performing Arts
All Upper School students are welcome to audition and perform in the productions at North Shore. The season includes a fall play, winter play, spring musical and Shakespeare performance in the spring. Within the four years at North Shore, each student is expected to be on-stage for one of the productions and participate on- or off-stage for a second production.

Poetry in the Literary Lives of Worldly Students (P.I.L.L.O.W.S) is dedicated to fighting the battle against the black holes of culture such as television and computer games. About once a month, the club holds an open-mike music and poetry festival on campus where students are encouraged to share their original work or the works of others.

Ping Pong Club
Sponsors ping pong play and tournamet.

Potter's Army
The Harry Potter themed club has literary discussions and is coordinating quidditch games.

Each spring, the junior class sponsors the prom which is open to all students in the entire Upper School. 

This literary magazine is produced each spring and offers a wide sample of creative works from the junior kindergarten through the Upper School. Students share in the selection process, determine layout and format, and oversee production and distribution.

New and experienced sailors have the opportunity to sail out of the Wilmette Harbor alongside the Loyola sailing team, which is one of the best in the Midwest.

S.A.L.S.A. Club
An opportunity to practice the Spanish language in an informal environment. The group explores cultural topics connected to the Spanish-speaking world. Activites may include watching educational cinema and discussing controversial topics related to the movies as well as listening to music, singing, dancing and performing.

Student Council
The Student Council is primarily responsible for student life at North Shore. By planning both social and service activities, students form a sense of community. They also provide feedback on issues ranging from policy to enhancing the Morning Ex programs, creating a positive environment where all feel valued.