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Upper School

Community Service Club: Community Service Club organizes various community service events for the entire school, such as the food drive, the Northwestern Settlement House Drive, and other fun projects. Once a month a group of students goes to Hilda’s Place, a transitional, homeless shelter, in Evanston, where they prepare a meal for the people there. In addition, we host small events, such as making blankets for Project Linus. 

The Diller Street Journal: The Diller Street Journal is the student-run Upper School print newspaper with a growing online component. Any Upper School student may submit articles, and staff members write and edit stories, take photos and design page layouts. We aim to publish 5-6 issues per academic year.

French Club: In French club, we learn about French culture and speak French outside the classroom. During our meetings, we usually play games, listen to French music, and eat French food. In years past, we have also arranged immersion days, all-school crepe nights, and French movie screenings.

Happy Club: Our club is dedicated to making the school community a happier place. Whether it be getting together to color, handing out free cupcakes, or having a movie night, our aim is to not only improve people's moods, but to bring together students from all four grades.

Junior State of America: JSA is a political debate club based on a nationwide debate program. Students in the club learn about pressing issues in the United States today, while also learning how to form opinions and debate about these complex issues, and they then come together at conferences to debate the topics. This club is a great way to learn about politics and improve your debate skills! 

LEARN Club: The mission of LEARN Club is to build a stronger North Shore relationship with the LEARN Charter School Network in Chicago. We are a club that is based around events rather than weekly meetings. Our first event is the car wash in October, which is used as a fundraiser for the book drive we do later in the year for the second grade class. Along with this, we also help plan the annual Field Day in June. The goal of our club is to create a stronger connection with kids from a different area and to help enrich all of our lives through new opportunities.

The Mirror: The student yearbook involves students who prepare copy and take photos, then edit and design the publication as well as manage its business operations and sales.

Model United Nations: At Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, students gather to represent delegates to the United Nations. Important issues of international significance are discussed with fervor, and delegates collaborate to present their answers to questions in carefully drafted resolutions. Students involved in Model United Nations prepare for their conferences by researching their assigned country, writing position papers and learning how to speak in a public forum.  

Movie Club
: Movie Club hosts movie nights at school every once in a while. Our goal is more than just showing a movie to whoever shows up; it is also about bringing the joy of film to the North Shore community. We try to show movies of all types: new or old, drama or comedy, good and great.

PAWS Club: PAWS Club works with PAWS Chicago, an animal rescue organization in the city. We are putting together a lot of fundraising opportunities that will include towel drives, bake sales, and more. We also have the chance to participate in several PAWS sponsored events! 

Policy Debate Club: Policy Debate Club meets weekly to discuss and debate current political issues (foreign and domestic) and hosts other events relating to politics. Our topics range from the legalization of marijuana to the ISIS situation in the Middle East, with other interesting ones set for the future. We are testing different methods of debating and hope to provide a space where students can passionately share their honest opinions about issues without fear of scrutiny. 

Prosody Club: Prosody is an art and literary magazine distributed at the end of each year. In this club, we collect submissions from all three divisions and assemble the year's Prosody edition. Our end goal is to share the art and writing from the talented members in our community through the magazine we compose.  

SALSA Club: SALSA stands for Students Aligned to Learn Spanish Actively. We are a Spanish club that meets once a month and does fun activities while speaking in Spanish. Some fun activities we have done in the past have been going to Taco Nano, making paella, and cooking tacos! 

Tea Club: Tea club meets twice a week in the morning to drink tea and eat snacks. It's a fun, relaxing way to start the day. Tea Club is also a great way to become friends with people from different grades and with different interests! 

TRAsh: TRAsh stands for high school art (reversed). TRAsh explores art by getting students outside of the classroom. Through art explorations at school and trips to museums and galleries, we discover what it means to be an artist and how art affects us.