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Morning Exercise

These all-school assemblies bring students and faculty together, once or twice each week in the Auditorium for performances, programs and presentations given by students, faculty and guest visitors.  The audience is frequently entertained with previews of upcoming band, chorus or theatrical productions.  Second graders make their debut when they present their annual musical, as do the junior and senior kindergarteners when they take the stage for a glimpse of the holiday program.

MEX also highlights alumni who share their passions and talents.  Past performers have include Pete Wentz '97 of Fall Out Boy, Alex Moffat '00 from Second City and Julia Eddy '72 who worked on films such as "Crash" and "Kasia Inside and Out."  Featured guests have include many musicians selected as Susan Marshall Performing Artists, well-known leaders who have dedicated their lives to service brought to North Shore through the Harold Hines Fellowship Program, and other culturally-rich and interesting performers and guests.