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Counseling Services

Emotional health is an important dimension of wellness that can facilitate a student's ability to learn. Children benefit when their emotional concerns are addressed proactively and when emotional health is considered part of a foundation for engagement in school and in life. If a student experiences emotional or psychological difficulties, the School makes every effort to support the student. The counseling staff serves as a supportive resource to the entire school community.

Students and families are encouraged to partner with North Shore counselors to address parenting or wellness concerns that might impact the student's social, emotional or academic life at school. The outcome may include: 
  • support and guidance for the parent
  • coaching or counseling for the student
  • advocacy or accommodations for the student
  • collaborative partnership withoutside therapists
Students may request counseling or be referred by a peer, parent, teacher or another adult within the community. No appointments are necessary to meet with a counselor - drop-in visits are welcome. Privacy is a valued part of the relationship between families and counselors who can answer questions about how privacy and confidentiality is managed at North Shore.

Counseling interventions aim to help students enhance existing strengths, learn new skills and gain personal insights to support their full engagement in the life of the School.
Jennifer Goldstein
Middle School Counselor

Terri Webb
Upper School Counselor

Mrs. Debbie Youderian
Lower School Counselor