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Four Hallmarks
Among the distinguishing features that set North Shore apart from other schools are the following four hallmarks.

Small by design.  
Because we are an independent school, we are selective about the students we admit.  It also means that every seat is in the front row.  This small feature creates dynamic teacher-student connections and engages students in learning and doing.

Rigorous, relevant academics.  
We set the bar high and provide a challenging, well-rounded education with a global perspective. Our course offering prepares students with a solid base for college.    

Participation required.  
Athletics, theater and community service are mandatory.  Every student is expected to “try it all.”  This develops well-rounded individuals, leads to self-discovery and builds leadership skills.

Students are known.  
Students are valued and supported by faculty, college counselors and staff.  Being small, we know each student as an individual. Teaching and learning happens in the classroom, in the halls, on stage and on the field.  In turn, students and parents connect with teachers receiving personalized, prompt and extensive feedback.