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Each year, parents, teachers, staff, trustees, alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni and friends impact the lives of our students by contributing to Annual Giving.

This year, we have an ambitious goal of $1,250,000.  Like most independent schools, tuition alone does not cover the entire cost of running North Shore. In fact, we need to raise approximately $8,500 per student this year to balance our budget. These annual contributions enrich every area of campus life and help North Shore deliver a well-rounded and enriched education by providing:
  • Faculty salaries and development of strong, innovative curriculum
  • Educational technology and equipment
  • Library acquisitions and classroom supplies
  • Scholarships
  • Basic campus maintenance and operation
Last year, Annual Giving contributed to roughly 7% of North Shore's budget. These unrestricted gifts enable the School to spend the dollars wherever it is most needed. Thanks to the generosity of so many, we build and sustain our team of talented faculty and attract a diverse student body.

Current Parents
Please join fellow parents in reaching 100% participation for your class.  Thank you!

Annual Giving 2014-15
Current Parent Participation (pledges and gifts)

          Participation %
Overall               66%

12                      83%
11                      60%
10                      61%
 9                       73%
 8                       51%
 7                       85%
 6                       62%
 5                       57%
 4                       75%
 3                       85%
 2                       82%
 1                       64%
SK                      68%
JK                       67%