Ms. Kruenegel reads to her 2nd grade class.
Leveraging relationships is the foundation of the student experience


Students perform in a musical at North Shore Country Day.
Expanding beyond academics is essential for discovery and growth


5th grade students work on a project in the Live and Serve Lab.
“Live and Serve” is our motto put into action


The soccer team huddles before a game.
Becoming a team player is a requirement


Students work on a science project in class.
Constantly building bridges within and beyond our diverse community


JK buddies read together.
Creating buddies, JK-12,  is how students learn from each other


An aerial view of the 16-acre campus.
Our 16-acre campus is a breath of fresh air


What Matters Most

Since our founding we have committed to answering a fundamental question: 
What matters most when educating a child?

Our answer? A holistic, intentionally designed learning experience where all members of our community are focused on: 





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Our Programs

Lower School

Lower School


Our integrated curriculum and program help children see the world through more courageous, compassionate eyes, planting the seed for a lifelong love of learning.

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Middle School

Middle School

Grades 6-8

We believe in the unique capabilities of our adolescent learners, and our curriculum reflects that. Our teachers challenge students to stretch themselves. 

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Upper School

Upper School

Grades 9-12

Students develop into well-rounded adults by stretching themselves with experiences in performing arts, athletics, service, activities and meaningful connections made with …

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NSCD continuously goes above and beyond in ways one cannot imagine. It often amazes me how the administration is always one step ahead in making decisions about the well being of the children and working toward ways they can encourage growth.

Ashleigh Palmer '04Lower School Parent

I have found that the NSCD teachers are very committed to their students. They want the kids to learn the topics thoroughly and also feel challenged. They also are there for their students way beyond the classroom.

Susie ShermanParent of alumni

Every single teacher seems to have a smile on his/her face and a twinkle in the eye—everyday. It’s a wonderful thing to witness because it’s obvious that those smiles and twinkles are powered by the pure joy of loving one’s work. And, seeing that magic come through in remote learning brought a tear to my eye more than once last spring.
Trish ThomasLower and Middle School Parent

It started by looking for a full day of kindergarten. My family quickly learned the attention to students’ needs was amazing and we never looked back.

Jennifer MedvinUPPER School Parent

What distinguishes NSCD is the background of teachers, college placement results and the focus on whole-student development to include giving back to the community.

Dean NelsonMiddle & Upper School Parent

By the Numbers


8 to 1

Student to Teacher Ratio


Students of Color


Years NSCD has been serving the greater Chicago area


Students Enrolled





The Raider Ramble Podcast: Lifers' Journey Through NSCD

In episode 6 of the Raider Ramble, five of our eight Lifers join us to reflect on their journey at NSCD. They've grown alongside one another from their earliest days to their senior year, each step forging their Raider identity. As they share cherished memories and offer advice to our younger students, you'll feel the strong pulse of our North Shore community. Tune in to this final episode of Season 1 to celebrate the end of an era and the inspiration that guides our collective path forward.

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Young Minds, Big Impact: The Power of Community Engagement

For the third year in a row, middle school students participated in Community Engagement Week, which aims to give students an opportunity to more deeply engage with a community different from their own. All of the projects or activities connect NSCD students to an outside community and ask students to learn across lines of difference in location, identity of participants, community composition or some other factor.

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A group of students at Model UN pose for a group photo.

During a year of dramatic global events, the importance of Model United Nations is greater than ever. North Shore’s students met the challenge through their preparation and performance in this year’s series of five conferences. In addition to tackling pressing global issues, our growing team of 20 participants won numerous awards at regional and national conferences while setting the foundation for our future growth and competitiveness. Thanks to the leadership of our Secretary General senior Emi Comeau, and fellow advisor Erin Aiston, we are poised for years of continued success.

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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Teachers Purse Passions with Lifelong Learning Grants

Our teachers love to teach, that we know. They exude a passion for their subjects and sustain and fuel their passion for teaching through learning. They pursue professional development opportunities related to their craft and their subject area so they can be the best educators they can be. Our faculty regularly attend workshops, conferences and webinars to strengthen their practice. But, supporting our teachers' growth requires more.

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Expanding Horizons: New Upper School Course Offerings for 2024-25

Have you ever wondered about the role of African Americans in shaping U.S. and global politics, economy and culture? Perhaps linear momentum, rotation, oscillations and gravitation are more your style. Or maybe you’d rather engage in conversations about the philosophy of math and how it can be used in the “real world.” These are just a few of the things NSCD upper school students might learn in some of the new courses being offered next year.

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ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT - Caroline Kullberg ’83

During the summer of 1974, my family moved from Minneapolis to Evanston. I started at North Shore that fall, and would be there until I graduated in 1983. Having been there for nine years, I have a lot of memories of the school and my time there. Most notably, North Shore instilled in me the importance of service in my community. Whether implied or directed, service was a recurring theme in my North Shore experience. At home, my parents reinforced the idea of giving back to the community, and it has been a strong theme in my life.

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