It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website for North Shore Country Day. For over 100 years our school has been committed to answering a fundamental question: “What matters most when educating a child?”

Continually refining our answer to that question has helped us to grow and evolve with purpose and passion. Both are visible everywhere when you visit our campus or see our program in action. 

When you do, you’ll see engaged, curious, kind and smart students thriving under the guidance and care of talented, dedicated teachers. You’ll see a JK-12 community learning together on a beautiful campus. That community is the foundation upon which we’ve built a school where everyone can feel safe to be themselves, to strive and to stretch, to “Live and Serve.” 

We live in an uncertain age, yet we believe our approach to school is uniquely suited for preparing students to not only navigate these times but thrive in them. We emphasize active engagement with a core set of intellectual and social-emotional skills that are transferable to a broad range of situations and challenges. We get consistent feedback from our graduates that they are exceptionally well-prepared for college and for life. 

One of our recent graduates summed it up beautifully: “As a student at North Shore, I felt that my horizon as a student became infinite.” That’s what we do here, and have done for over a century: ensure bright and infinite horizons for our students. 


Tom Flemma
Head of School

Tom Flemma
​​​​​​​Head of School