College Counseling

North Shore Country Day is a college preparatory school with a program that prepares our students for attendance at a four-year college or university.

We believe the college search process is developmental. It helps students mature their skills as writers, communicators and thinkers, while developing a greater understanding of themselves and their abilities, and moves them forward into the world with a well-founded sense of confidence. 

While the college search is a collaborative process, students are firmly in the driver’s seat with college counselors and parents playing critical but supporting roles. The students who see their college search process as being the most successful are those who have taken full advantage of the four-year North Shore experience, academically and co-curricularly, and engaged with their college counselors in a thorough and exacting college search process.

Those who capitalize on the North Shore experience and present themselves to colleges honestly and confidently rather than “package” themselves, have the greatest level of success in securing admission to the college(s) they identify as being the best matches to their plans and goals. 

The College Counseling Office is first and foremost a “counseling” office. Counselors come to know the students with whom they work very well, particularly when students reciprocate and invest in their relationships with the counselors. The work with each student is distinct, individualized and focused on providing guidance relative to each student’s needs, talents and aspirations. 



54 to 2

Student to College Counselor Ratio


Percentage of Seniors who Apply to Colleges and Universities and Receive Offers of Admission


Number of Colleges Offering Admission to Class of 2023 in 31 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, England, Ireland and Scotland


College Admissions Representatives Who Visited NSCD in 2022-23


With a student to college counselor ratio of about 54 to 2, we help students identify and apply to colleges and universities that best match their needs and aspirations.

Meet Our College Counseling Department

Kristen Kaczynski

Kristen Kaczynski

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects; College Counselor
Matthew Mettille

Matthew Mettille

Director of College Counseling
Candice Sayles

Candice Sayles

Administrative Assistant, Upper School