The Arts

The arts have always been an essential part of the student experience at North Shore.

We believe that exposure to performing and visual arts are critical to the development of the whole child and a quality education. We take pride in preparing our students to gain an understanding of and appreciation for the ways art enriches each of our lives.

With the renovation and modernization of our Auditorium and Arts Center in 2014, students are immersed in spaces that become teaching laboratories allowing students to study, explore, create, design, build, perform and observe all forms of the arts.

Performing Arts

Since our founding in 1919, all students have been encouraged and welcomed to "take the stage." Our curriculum is designed for students JK-12 to build a foundation of skills in music and theatre, and to continually develop those skills through a variety of classroom and performance experiences. Opportunities include vocal and instrumental music, acting, dance and technical theatre.

Visual Arts

The visual arts department recognizes the importance of student empowerment, collaboration and material exploration. Student-artists work together to envision, make, analyze, and install artworks that express and communicate their ideas. In the lower, middle and upper schools we use materials such as painting and drawing media, found materials, clay, digital technologies, and ephemeral processes. Installation, process-oriented collaborations, and movement are also used to activate our spaces.

As a key throughline in our scope and sequence, we present student-artists with diverse art histories and contexts that inspire them to connect locally and globally through service and creative action. We explore contemporary topics as well as art histories. Critical citizenship is cultivated through investigating and synthesizing the visual vocabulary of one’s lived experience. Ultimately, we strive for our student-artists to take on the role of a researcher and activist who uses artmaking for thoughtful changemaking.

Arts Calendar

Our Auditorium

This iconic building symbolizes the school's commitment to performing arts, bringing our community together to celebrate students getting comfortable in the spotlight. We are also enriched by outside visitors to share their passions and talents.

The John Almquist Art Gallery

Named after beloved art teacher John Almquist, the gallery is features numerous exhibits throughout the year showcasing student, faculty alumni and invited guests artists.

Meet Our Arts Faculty