A community of over 3,500 alumni means a North Shore connection is never far away.

Stay connected to your school and fellow Raiders by sharing Class Notes for Alumni News and the Acorn magazine; connect to the past by browsing our archives; and by participating in school events and activities. Events are hosted throughout the year in the Chicagoland area and in cities around the United States. Watch your inbox and mailbox for invitations and opportunities for engagement.

The friendships you develop at NSCD will be a source of support, inspiration and pride during your lifetime.Tom Geraghty '62



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What Our Alumni Say


At NSCD I received a well-rounded education in a wholesome learning environment that allowed me to strive and thrive.  Curtis House '71

My teachers from NSCD were always there for me. They gave me the best advice and were so important to my North Shore experience. I am so lucky to have them in my life even after I graduated. 
Caroline Segal '20

'Live' gives a sense that now is the time to do what you're going to do. Don't wait. 'Serve' says that we're in this together—we're not on our own and other people matter. 
Thomas Taylor '55

I support NSCD because I appreciate how it provided me with a well-rounded foundation that ignited my curiosity to explore the world and how it will inspire current and future students to continually learn. Naomi Hattori '00Alumni board president

Your community really matters. At NSCD, in college and now living abroad, I’ve tried to find my niche in each community. It’s allowed me to thrive each step of the way.

Abby Smith De Jager '00

My time at NSCD was wonderful. I could not have asked for a better high school experience. 

Kris Barry '00