There are numerous opportunities for alumni to get involved.
Whether you want to serve on a board or simply volunteer for an event, there is something for everyone. If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to Ashleigh Palmer '04 in the Alumni Office: apalmer@nscds.org; 847.881.8848.

Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Alumni Board 2024-2025

Luke Bakalar ’97
Dan Bloedorn ‘87
Allison Kaplan Bosco ’03
Jim Deuble ’76
Evelyn Gonzalez ‘18
Manny Hodzic ’15
Elizabeth Ingram ’82
Jonah Levi-Paesky ’13
Andre Lodree ’96
Firouz Niazi ’17
Kristen Moffat Powell ‘86
Sarah Geist Rosen ’86
Anne Hines Young ’77

Tom Flemma 
Jay Bach
Patrick McHugh

Honorary Board Members
Frank Dachille
John Roberts ’49
Nancy Green Whiteman ’71