There are numerous opportunities for alumni to get involved.
Whether you want to serve on a board or simply volunteer for an event, there is something for everyone. If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to Director of Alumni Relations Nancy Green Whiteman '71 at nwhiteman@nscds.org; 847.881.8848.

Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Annie Aggens ’88
Carlos Angeles ’12
Cathy Bell Bartholomay ’79
Phyllis Beattie ’72
Jim Davis ’64
Grace Flickinger '12
Tom Geraghty ’62, Past President
Madelaine Kukanza Goldstein '08
Naomi Hattori ’02, President
Betsy Perkins Hill ’70
Marcia McMillan Hines '56
Manny Hodzic '15
Gaby Levi '95
Suzanne Folds McCullagh ’69
Firouz Niazi '17
Ted Notz ’53
Sarah Geist Rosen '86
Katie Todd ’96
Ashleigh Palmer Weathers '04
Larry Williams ’87
Anne Hines Young '77

Honorary Board Members
Alice Graff Childs ’37

Ex Officio
Jay Bach
Tom Flemma
Patrick McHugh

Karen Block ’09
Ashleigh Cross St. Peters ’05
Mullery Doar ’06
Lisa Doi ’09, Co-Chair
Melissa Jesser ’09

Wesley Keyser ’07
Leigh Kukanza ’11
Madelaine Kukanza Goldstein
’08, Co-Chair
Jonah Levi-Paesky ’13
Genevieve Nielsen ’10
Morgan Peters ’11
Nora Philbin ’11
Julia Price ’10
Meredith Price ’07
Madeline Tank ’11

´╗┐Young Alumni Committee Names in Bold are Executive Members.