500 Words On ... Gratitude for NSCD Teachers
By Maeve Devereux ’21

I have attended North Shore Country Day for nine years. Spending so much time at one school is unheard of for many people, and I frequently get sheepish when explaining to those I meet that I have attended the same school since before I had every inch of teeth fully equipped with metal hardware and frankly didn’t know how to spell “Wednesday.” But in reality, I know very well that the constants I find at North Shore are actually some of the reasons I love it the most. 

Pre-COVID, I knew that everyday I would be able to wake up and head to a campus where I knew that no matter what, at any time of the day, I would always find a friend in the halls to make me laugh, and no matter how many times I ordered the chorizo breakfast burritos in the cafeteria, I would never once be disappointed. Most importantly, I knew during any moment of instability I would always have a dedicated support network of teachers to fall back on who genuinely care about me and my goals. 

When the pandemic hit in March, I had very few constants left in my life. I have never been known to handle change with ease and grace but on top of that, I was suddenly forced to process emotions I’ve never felt before or worry about the health of some of the people closest to me. It felt like every aspect of my life was changing.

When remote learning began in April, I realized all my teachers were going through the exact same fears and struggles I was, and on top of learning and adapting to a new way of life, they were still trying to create that same state of normalcy and security they have always provided for their students. Many of my teachers had to go to great lengths to hold classes, and many of them have children of their own—who to my delight I often got to see peeking in to say ‘hi’ in the backs of Zoom calls—and on top of that teachers were dealing with tending to their other kids: their students.

I have always known my teachers at NSCD genuinely find passion in working with students and care about us deeply as individuals, but seeing all the work they put towards our wellbeing over the course of remote learning and transitioning in to in-person/hybrid learning this September is just another testament to how much they truly care. Seeing their dedication emboldens me to keep pushing forward even though it feels extremely difficult to do so at times. Every small gesture, encouraging word and act of kindness means so much more than any of my teachers could imagine, and I’m so beyond grateful to feel their inspiration in my life. 


"500 Words" is a series authored by faculty, staff and others in the NSCD community highlighting the school’s culture, philosophy, pedagogy and characteristics that distinguish us from other schools.

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