A visual arts show in the North Shore Country Day John Almquist Gallery features the work of students in junior kindergarten through fifth grade. Included are examples of how NSCD integrates STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) into its curriculum. The show runs through March 18, 2022. 
Showcased in the exhibit:

  • Senior kindergarten artists practiced mixing primary colors to create secondary colors as they created abstract paintings.
  • Junior kindergarten students used found objects to build assemblage sculptures inspired by the artwork of Louise Nevelson.
  • First grade students explored the life and work of artist Yayoi Kusama, then created mixed media pieces inspired by her artwork, reviewing primary and secondary colors as they worked.
  • Second grade students used a program called AI for Oceans and discovered how plastic pollution harms the ocean habitat of the albatross bird. Next, they explored the work of artist Chris Jordan who creates artwork from recycled plastic waste and garbage. The resulting art project used hundreds of plastic bottle caps donated by the NSCD community to create a collaborative mosaic of an albatross along with individual student illustrations of the albatross in its ocean habitat.
  • Third grade students created 3D prints of the solar system in technology class and painted their models in art class. They also created paintings of the solar system using shading techniques for dimension.
  • Fourth grade artists explored the life and work of artist Alma Thomas, and then made artworks inspired by her painting entitled “The Eclipse.”
  • Fifth grade connected their work in art class to their study of ancient Greece and Rome by exploring pottery and making their own vessels inspired by images of pottery in the Arts Institute of Chicago’s collection.

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