North Shore Country Day was founded by a group of local parents who wanted to bring progressive, modern education to the North Shore of Chicago.

Today, parents still play an important role in the life of the school. They volunteer in various roles including on the Board of Trustees, in the classrooms, and through the Parents’ Association (PA). They partner with teachers to help their children succeed and they support NSCD's fundraising programs. We are most grateful!

What Our Parents Say


I am excited that my younger daughter is starting her high school at NSCD in the fall. My older daughter just graduated from NSCD and is heading to an amazing university armed with all she learned and experienced at her high school. Our family is looking forward to another exciting and fruitful four years. Souad Mellouk
Upper School Parent

The teachers and administrators go above and beyond.  I was really impressed with how they reacted to COVID-19 and how quickly they were able to transition from having students in class vs online.  That alone demonstrated how well equipped they are from a technology and planning perspective.  Divinity Johnson
Middle School Parent

As an alum of NSCD, I knew that I wanted our son to be in an environment that would provide an inclusive and empowering atmosphere for him to thrive. North Shore is that and so much more.Ashleigh Palmer '04Lower School Parent

The teachers communicate well with the student and parents so we are all on the same page, acting like a team. Philip PrestonMiddle School Parent

NSCD has been a stable and happy place for my kids. It is a blessing to know that they enjoy going to school and that they have respect and admiration for their teachers.Amy CarlinoMiddle & Upper School Parent

NSCD encourages engagement in many disciplines. You can not be a bystander at NSCD. They insist each student jump in and participate, and contribute in their own way. Susie ShermanUpper School Parent

The teachers' attention to my child is far beyond what I would have imagined. They are so thorough and on top of the kids' progress (or lack of). They are so connected to the kids and aware of how they are doing. As a parent I’m very well informed of their homework, attitude, progression and where they are in need of help. Susan Bar

Middle School Parent

Every single teacher seems to have a smile on his/her face and a twinkle in the eye—everyday. It’s a wonderful thing to witness because it’s obvious that those smiles and twinkles are powered by the pure joy of loving one's work.  And, seeing that magic come through in remote learning brought a tear to my eye more than once that spring. Trish Thomas
Lower & Upper School Parent

“COVID-19 showed us the true value of the exceptionally dedicated teachers and staff and the small, focused environment.” 
Krista Gallagher
Upper School Parent

“The North Shore experience forces students to reach beyond their comfort zone. The school encourages students to try new experiences whether it’s the trumpet, learning how to make dumplings in Mandarin class, attempting printmaking or singing in chorus.” 

Linda Karmin
Upper School Parent

“What attracted us to NSCD was the quality of education and commitment to building critical thinkers.” 
Jonathan Anderson
Lower School Parent

The Parents' Association

The mission of the NSCD Parents’ Association (PA) is to promote a strong sense of community among parents, and to facilitate communication, connection and involvement throughout the school community.

Founded in 1919, the PA is our parent-run volunteer organization. Every parent or guardian of an NSCD student is a member of the PA. The PA welcomes new families, organizes community building events, offers opportunities for families to come together, and supports the efforts of the school to make NSCD the best possible learning environment for our children.
Whether you are a new family or have been here for many years, participating in PA events is a fun and rewarding way to get involved. We have numerous volunteer opportunities for those who have limited availability and those who have more time to give. We value and appreciate all participation.

If you are interested in learning more about the Parents’ Association or volunteering opportunities, please contact

PA Events

The PA sponsors quarterly meetings featuring school and volunteer updates, hosts individual class parent gatherings, parent educational speakers, and organizes Homecoming events and much more.

PA News

Our newsletter is emailed to parents with information on upcoming events, parent education programs and volunteer opportunities.

"Live and Serve"

If you are looking for ways to get involved with our service programs, or want to connect with other service organizations, please reach out to the Parents' Association "Live and Serve" Committee.