We are so grateful for each and every one one of our students.

As individuals, they bring their own personalities, passions and goals. Together, they support each other on the field and on the stage, collaborate in the classroom and celebrate accomplishments large and small.

Our teachers truly enjoy engaging with them in classroom discussions, helping them reach an aha moment when grasping a new concept and cheering them on as they share their voices and talents.

They are the reason we are here.   

What Our Students Say


My teachers are the best part of my entire experience at NSCD. I have close connections with every single one of them and they truly care about my success and the person I am beyond the classroom.  Jane S.Class of 2021

One of the biggest reasons I love NSCD is you know almost everyone, if not everyone in your class. Since you have different people in every class, you work with and get to know others.
Dixie O.Class of 2026

My favorite class here is humanities. I had the most kind, understanding, and wonderful teacher imaginable. She made sure that everyone had a voice in her class, and encouraged everyone to share their thoughts on anything going on around us. I am certain that she — and North Shore — will continue to shape who I am not only as a student, but as the best, brightest and kindest human being possible.Caroline W.Class of 2026

I am new at North Shore and during my shadow visit, everybody was incredibly kind and had no room for judgement based on my personal interests. At North Shore, age or grade didn't matter at all. There were students who were seniors (while I was in 8th Grade at the time) who were able to completely relate to me, throwing age aside. Charlie H.Class of 2024

I play soccer and tennis at a high level and at most other schools I wouldn’t be able to do that. Also, I don’t think I would have had the Interim experiences at any other school.Ahan J.Class of 2021

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