Iron Raiders

An Iron Raider is a North Shore Country Day School Alumnus/a who participated in 12 full seasons of Upper School Athletics at any level. It can be a combination of sports and levels but must represent a full season of sports for every season of a four-year high-school experience at North Shore Country Day School. 

This recognition is named for Jay Bach who has been a part of the School community since the 1960s. He has been a parent, coach, teacher, colleague and friend to all for over half of the School’s existence. His impact has been enormous and felt in all areas of North Shore.

We congratulate and welcome any other alumni who qualify as an Iron Raider.  

Please contact the Alumni office if you think you are an Iron Raider.
Nancy Green Whiteman '71

Go Raiders!

Charlie Ingram '75 and Chris Charnas '83, Co-Chairs
Jay Bach Iron Raider Society
Class of 2020
Grace Bartell
Allie Charnas
Demonte Collins
Edith Edwards-Mizel
Julia Fortier
Riley Jones
Claudette Kankindi
Caroline Segal
Alex Winslow

Class of 2019
Paige Forester
Phillip Hoffman
Aidan Martin
Packy Murdock
Abby Renaud
Julia Terhaerdt 

Class of
Julia Doyle
Jack Mangel
Thomas McDowell
Peter Miles
Brad O'Connor
Will O'Connor
Cam Rizai
Thandi Steele

Class of 2017
Emily George
Lauren Kaplinsky
Julia Kolbe
Tommy McHugh

Class of 2016
Brendan Doyle
Valerie Kirtley
Rachel Gordon
Dillon Forester

Class of 2015
Tonya Piergies
James Lovett

Class of 2013

Riley Hall
Tim Morette
Ilhana Redzovic

Class of 2012
Max Chung
Kim Kahnweiler
Jake Kann

Class of 2011
Alexandra Appelbaum
Ryan Nolan

Class of 2010
Geoff Curley
Sammy Gray
Julia Price
Ivan Ramirez
Eric Van Wart
Curtis Wulfsohn

Class of 2009
Peter Callahan
Ellen Gardner
Sara Gardner
Danny Nolan
Chris White

Class of 2008
Taylor Appelbaum
Billy Gendell
Jeff Killian
Kelly Powers
Shaun Teamer

Class of 2007
John Elam
Michael Kotler
Scott Nicholson
Meredith Price
Caitlin White

Class of 2006
Seyamack Afzali
Kit Callahan
Mullery Doar
Nico Gibson
Jordan Green
Eric Hattori
Gjyze Milla Hoxhaj
James Kinnaird
Brian Malpede

Class of 2005
Kevin Costello
Mary Rowley

Class of 2004
Rachel Cahan
Tim Callahan
Matt Downe
Max Dunn
Rebecca Lockhart Curry-Edwards
Mike Moreau
Emi Neithercut
Tim Powers
Ryan Randolph
David Reitz
Garrett Wulfsohn

Class of 2003
Ross Blumenfeld
Katy Costello
Abby Smith De Jager
Charlie Doar
Henry Gaud
Carly Gerstman
Andrew Hill
Jeff Thomas

Class of 2002
Eric Alexander
Christine Castilla
Jordan Fisher
Mickeeya Murray Harrison
Naomi Hattori
Brian Jessen
Jaime Powers
Emily Yates

Class of 2001
Amelia Kegan

Class of 2000
Joel Blumenfeld
Thomas Doar
April Figueroa
Emily Gaud
Chris Jessen
Alex Moffat
Emily Smith
Julie Webb

Class of 1999
Charlie Vojta
Class of 1998
Michelle Butler
Ari Levi
Steve McNelley
Maisie Rinne
Alissa Gorelick Wisniewski

Class of 1997
Luke Bakalar
David Gorelick
Eliza Durbin Harrigan
Whitney Brown Healey
Laura Yates Taylor
Hillary Wirtz

Class of 1996
Sean Butler
Susan Pope
Peter Smey
John Whittlesey

Class of 1995
Jason Butler

Class of 1994
Katie Whittlesey Comstock

Class of 1993
Greg Jacobs
James Moses

Class of 1992
Dan Cogan
Matt Smey
Estelle Campos Ybarra

Class of 1991
Nick Battaglia
Dan Beider
Sarah Crawford
Rob McClung
Aisling McDonagh

Class of 1990
Paula Castillo
Peggy Smith Coffee
Amy Jacobs
Ellen Kelly
Ciara McDonagh
Andrew Wood

Class of 1989
Patty Campos
Cy Oelerich
Dina Healy Richter

Class of 1988
Annie Aggens
Carolyn Kerr Armstrong
Ana Castillo Blaze
J.P. Hamm
Jonathan Reinsdorf
Courtney Williams Shelton

Class of 1987
Chris Avery
Bill Bach
Andrew Brown
Joel Jacobson
Heather Utzinger Michelotti

Class of 1986
Christy Aggens
Mark Bransfield
Mary Ellen Wing Flaherty

Class of 1985
Tracy Bach Vogel
Chris Olson
Steve Paige
Mike Reinsdorf

Class of 1984
Mitch Tyson
David Brown
Laura Wirtz Jenkins
Tom Schneider
Sonya Newenhouse

Class of 1983
Jane Dettmers Bakey
Mike Bransfield
Eric Lunding

Class of 1982
Rob Kleiman
Laurie Osberg

Class of 1981
Jim Berman
Ken Sacks
Steven Sacks
C.F. Sample

Class of 1980
John Appelbaum
Miller Bransfield
Mike Elisha
Philip Karmin*
Molly Ingram McDowell
Mark Peebles
Donny Peters
Lucy Sievers

Class of 1979
Ken Karmin
Scott Olson
Andrew Sullivan
Peter Wirtz
Class of 1978
R.J. Damon
Carol Cuncannan DeMaio 
Paul Theiss

Class of 1977
Dan Deuble
Shelley Spencer Fitzsimmons
Bobby Peters

Class of 1976
Kathy Button Bell
Jim Deuble
Peter Flanzer
Karen Spencer Kelly
Clint O’Connor
Peter Silberman

Class of 1975
Liz Breuer
Helenmary Charnas Cody
Charlie Ingram
Matt Kaplan

Class of 1974
Peter Geraghty
Rick MacArthur

Class of 1973
Ned Jessen
Jerry Perkins*
Jon Gatlin*

Class of 1972
Mike Malpede
Susan Colbert Spofford
Bob Stibolt

Class of 1971
Julie Bartholomay Geer
Rob Hoyle
Rob Rogers
Bill Stern
Boe Sullivan

Class of 1970
Taber Allison
Art Jessen
Craig Johnson
Donald Whiteman
David Wood*

Class of 1969
Ed Kneip
Doug Severson

Class of 1968
Blake Allison
Dunny Creigh
George Dern
Diana Gillespie
John Samuels

Class of 1967
Fred Croft
Jim Darrow
Cece Ewen Durbin
Bill Harper
Scott Heitmann

Class of 1966
Peter Garrison
Bruce Jarchow
Chris Johnson
Ted Mouzakeotis

Class of 1965
John Darrow
Bill Davis
John Hickey
Russ Hoyle
Craig Misner
Mimi Hobart Petke

Class of 1964
Nick Babson
Tom Moore

Class of 1963
Bart Bartholomay*
Lance Morgan

Class of 1962
Tom Geraghty
Susie Sewell Haverkampf
Scott Russ
Jonathon Strong

Class of 1961
Chip Shotwell
Bill Merrick
Jim Wilson

Class of 1960
Roger Griffin
Philip Moore
Bob Davis*
Stewart Boal
Joe Schnering*

Class of 1955
Bill Pirie

Class of 1954
Bart Berndtson

Class of 1953
Rufus Jeffris '53
Don Taylor '53
Mike Wallace '53

Class of 1943
Bob Johnson ’43*

* Deceased
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