William F. Freisem (1994)

After serving as Head of the History Department from 1973 to 1990, Bill Freisem retired, only to return as Head of the Upper School in 1992-93. In his tenure at North Shore, Bill taught much more than history and social studies. He inspired others to ask probing questions about the world and about themselves. His thoughtfulness and wisdom continue to change those who know him. 
Although Bill can command attention with a well-pointed forefinger or an earsplitting whistle, it is the twinkle in his eye and the fairness of his judgments that are the true measure of the man. In my first year as Head of the School, he was my ally and my advisor, indispensible in more ways than I could ever recount. Because he believes that all people—even those in the throes of adolescent turmoil—will live up to high expectations, he has always expected the best from students, and they have not wanted to let him down.

There is some combination of the Scandinavian love of light and the Quaker belief in each person's inner light that radiates from Bill. Therefore, just as he reaches out to others, literally and figuratively, it is most fitting that North Shore reach out to him at this time. With gratitude, love and respect I present to William F. Freisem The Foster Hannaford Recognition for his devoted service to North Shore Country Day School.

Presented by Julia L. Hall, Head of School
Friday, December 17, 1993
1994 Award
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