If These Walls Could Talk

September 23, 2016 -- A visualization of the educational interactions within our walls. It's a snapshot of our students’ experiences and explorations as they wrestle with big questions and take pleasure in small moments.
The interdisciplinary and interdivisional exhibition combines spontaneity with planning, connecting a wide array of art materials such as oil, water, text, clay, recycled canvas, and digital media.

The title itself also references what exists both within and beyond our physical campus. Walls, for example, can be barriers, closing off new experiences, or they can incite curiosity, wonder, and defiance. They can divide or enclose, promoting separation or unity. Because this show includes recovered stories, unfinished narratives, overheard voices, the beginnings of dialogue, and acts of service, we hope that it will catalyze discussion and invite close looking.
North Shore Country Day School is a junior kindergarten through 12th grade, college-preparatory school founded in Winnetka, Illinois in 1919.  With rigorous academic pursuit as the cornerstone, North Shore provides many opportunities for all students to excel – in the classroom and the laboratory, on the stage and the playing field, in their communities and beyond.