The 2nd grade reading/language arts program strives to build the students’ reading skills and allow them to explore their interests.  Students read for pleasure independently and also participate daily in small, theme-based reading groups. Daily oral language exercises solidify students’ mechanical and grammatical skills, while journaling, directed- and free-writing times provide additional opportunities for students to develop writing skills and share their creative work.
The math program emphasizes the validity of divergent thinking.  By developing varied mathematical strategies, students reinforce and enhance computational and problem-solving skills.  These skills are then applied to real-life situations. Hands-on activities build concepts such as measurement, money, place value, and time.
The social studies program encourages exploration of various cultures.  The study of different family styles and traditions enriches the students with integrated research experiences and an awareness of the world and lives of others.  Classroom access to technology allows for an exciting and real time investigative tool as well as the opportunity to correspond with individuals around the world.
A partnership with Orphans of the Storm allows for student to practice reading to animals and adds variety and richness to the second grade experience while introducing seven- and eight-year-olds to North Shore’s commitment to service.
Whether singing or acting in the 2nd grade play, sharing or writing family memories, practicing Spanish, creating art, doing animal presentations or interviewing famous people for the biography unit, it is our goal that 2nd graders actively extend their understanding and knowledge of the world around them and acquire the strategies to become curious, engaged, self-directed, lifelong learners.
North Shore Country Day School is a junior kindergarten through 12th grade, college-preparatory school founded in Winnetka, Illinois in 1919.  With rigorous academic pursuit as the cornerstone, North Shore provides many opportunities for all students to excel – in the classroom and the laboratory, on the stage and the playing field, in their communities and beyond.