Girls Soccer State Semi-Final Match Today

The girls soccer team will play Herscher in a State Semi-Final match today beginning at 7 . p.m. at North Central College in Naperville. 


Sixth grade science students explore life science topics that encourage curiosity, inquiry and creative problem-solving. Units of study include living things and biological classification; the cell and how it works; the world of viruses and bacteria; the protist and fungi kingdoms; the lives of plants; and the anatomy and physiology of animals and endangered species. Students continually develop their academic, collaborative and critical thinking skills during class discussions and group labs, learning to distinguish between observation and perception. The also improve their ability to organize scientific information and express their ideas in writing while working independently.
Seventh grade science is predicated on the belief that students learn best when they are provided with opportunities to investigate questions about the natural world through minds-on as well as hands-on investigations. Major course topics include astronomy, rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes, and weather. Students also learn about various environmental and sustainability issues facing planet Earth. Current events and developments in science are used to supplement the content. In class, students work on skills of note-taking, analyzing and synthesizing information, and conducting hands-on investigations. 

Eighth grade science covers topics in the areas of physical and life sciences. Specific units of study include how to use the scientific method to solve problems, Newton's Laws of Motion, simple machines, solar energy, chemistry, health and life skills, and genetics. Students learn how to write in-depth lab reports including formulating hypotheses, identifying variables and controls, graphing and analyzing data, and drawing logical conclusions.  A hands-on approach is emphasized during each topic, and students learn how to use various lab equipment.
North Shore Country Day School is a junior kindergarten through 12th grade, college-preparatory school founded in Winnetka, Illinois in 1919.  With rigorous academic pursuit as the cornerstone, North Shore provides many opportunities for all students to excel – in the classroom and the laboratory, on the stage and the playing field, in their communities and beyond.