Visual Arts

Visual arts are trimester classes in Middle School. Our student-artists consider a number of factors when it comes to studying and constructing a piece of art. They learn the importance of planning and discussion in the progression of their work and are introduced to new concepts and tools with which to do this. Middle Schoolers are encouraged to take initiative and demonstrate how they transform artwork from the idea stage to a final product. Class discussion and constructive criticism also plays an important role in helping students develop an analytical relationship to their work while discovering their own art making process. 
The 6th grade visual art program introduces students to the fundamentals and various technique of painting, drawing and working three-dimensionally. Through a wide range of problems, students learn basic drawing skills, use of painting tools, color mixing and analysing surface qualities, Integration of drawing and design concepts are also emphasized as students investigate the articulation of form, composition and spatial relationships. Working primarily from observation, students explore and research students ranging from still lifes to spaceships. S

In 7th grade, the art class continues to emphasize exploration, analysis and investigation of the creative process.  Students develop technical skills that empower them to communicate ideas visually, with the focus on realistic representations of their environment.  

The standards in 8th grade art focus on the synthesis and application of previously learned concepts.  Using traditional and emerging technologies, students are able to apply more complex technical skills as they manipulate the elements of art and the principles of design, art media and ideas.  Students acquire art skiills that enable them to make conscious choices of media and techniques for expressive purposes.  

Digital Experience 
This class if for 8th grade only and introduces students to the mechanics and applications of digital photography and basic video recording.  Students use digital cameras, scanners, imaging software, printers and computers to explore the artistic potential of new imaging technology and solve visual problems.  Students learn how to plan and produce digital images that demonstrate an understanding of composition, light, color, visual impact and art history.
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