Exquisite Corpse: A Surprise Collaboration

The Almquist Gallery presents "Exquisite Corpse," a collaborative game that traces its roots to the 20th century Parisian Surrealist Movement.
Exquisite Corpse is played by several individuals, each of whom writes a word or draws an image on a sheet of paper, folds the paper to conceal it, and passes it on to the next player for his or her contribution. The activity is named after the original French game, cadavre exquis. The Surrealists truly collaborated as they created texts and images. For three months, North Shore art students in the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools exchanged secret, folded drawings. The last Almquist Gallery exhibit of the 2015-16 academic year, "Exquisite Corpse: A Surprise Collaboration," shares the unique and whimsical creature creations made by our talented artmakers during the drawing exchange! The Gallery opens on April 15 and closes May 20.
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