Live+Serve Lab

The Live+Serve Lab is NSCD's mission-driven makerspace.

The Lab helps us live out the core ideas that North Shore was founded on—the same core ideas that propel us into the future. Drawing from our Founding Headmaster Perry Dunlap Smith's foundational vision of educating for democracy, the Lab is a physical manifestation of NSCD's interdependent core principles, "Live and Serve." 

Transformative service happens through experiences:  It is LIVED
Transformative experiences happen when our actions have a meaningful impact:  This is SERVICE

The Live+Serve Lab is at once a makerspace, a laboratory, and a hub for hands-on service. It is not only a project space for smaller ideas and short-term solutions, but also an incubator for big and complex thinking about how we might tackle the most pressing problems the world presents us and for initiating transformative action towards solving those problems. It is an inclusive JK through 12 space, a center for creativity, collaboration, and joyful exploration for our NSCD community.

Connected to the library, the Lab gives students access to laser cutters, 3D printers, sewing machines and other tools for creating. There is also a green-screen room for creating videos.

Live+Serve Lab Gallery