Service Learning & Community Service

Service activities at North Shore include both Service Learning (service as part of a class) and Community Service (extra-curricular service projects). Teachers include service learning projects as part of a curriculum in order to teach or practice content or skills; students might also develop or propose service learning projects. Students can participate in Community Service Club in both middle school and upper school, as well as joining many other student-run service projects.

Whether inside or outside a classroom, our service projects happen in many different ways:

  • Hands-on service at soup-kitchens, schools, and nature preserves, or in other locations, give our students a sense of proximity to and a deeper understanding of others through rich and personal partnerships.
  • Indirect service such as drives or fundraisers allow our community to give material support to our community partners.
  • On-campus projects such as advocacy (letters, PSAs) and activities where our students educate our community serve to bring systemic issues or global problems to a wider audience and can encourage future service projects.

Service Learning & Community Service Gallery