• May

    Library Renderings

    Four new renderings of the upcoming NSCD Library renovation project.
  • March

    Library Renovation Update – March 20, 2019

    I am writing with an update regarding our library. As you know, on February 1, we returned to school saddened to learn a water pipe had burst and flooded our Hall Library. The library is in the heart of our campus and serves all of our students in grades JK-12 on a daily basis. Since the discovery, we have been working on plans to 1) provide our students with modified library services for the rest of the school year and 2) restore the library space.
  • February

    Library Damaged from Burst Pipe

    I’m sorry to report that North Shore Country Day sustained substantial damage on campus when a pipe burst in the early hours on Friday, February 1, and flooded our library. While the room itself took a real hit, it was the damage to our book collection and artwork that was so distressing for all of us on campus. I wanted to share this information with you to explain why we have had more trucks than normal along Forest Street and Elder Lane in the past week.
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