Library Renovation Update – March 20, 2019

I am writing with an update regarding our library. As you know, on February 1, we returned to school saddened to learn a water pipe had burst and flooded our Hall Library. The library is in the heart of our campus and serves all of our students in grades JK-12 on a daily basis. Since the discovery, we have been working on plans to 1) provide our students with modified library services for the rest of the school year and 2) restore the library space.
In close collaboration with the Village of Winnetka, we have come up with a short-term solution for the library program to be housed in a modular unit to be located in our Middle School parking lot off of Elder Lane. Delivery of the modular unit to the parking lot at Elder and Forest will take place the week of March 18, the first week of our two-week Spring Break, so when our students and faculty return from Spring Break on April 1 they will have a temporary library space to serve their needs.  

The Board of Trustees has approved the restoration and modernization of our library space and infrastructure. We are excited at the opportunity to make the most of this unfortunate flood. This work will also commence during Spring Break and continue through the spring and summer. Our goal is to have a fully functional and updated library and learning space when the students return to school in the fall. In the next three months, we will perform internal work that includes demolition and modernization of many of our School’s infrastructure systems that run through this building. We expect work crews to be limited in size so as to cause as little disruption to the school day as possible. On June 10, the first day of our summer break, we will expand the scope of work and size of crews. As always, we will prioritize minimizing any impact that would inconvenience you, our neighbors.

I will be sending out periodic updates on the project and its progress. We will also create a page on our public website for library updates and photos. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.
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