John W. Macy, Jr. '34 (1984)

We are proud, indeed, to welcome you, John W. Macy, Jr., to The North Shore Country Day School for the second time in a two week period. First, to celebrate the 50th reunion of your Class of 1934, and now, to receive the Francis R. Stanton Alumni Recognition given to a graduate of the School whose lifework has enriched the larger community.

Of your eleven-year attendance at North Shore, you recently stated: “ln terms of my own life’s goals and satisfactions, North Shore played a preeminent role and I particularly gloried in opportunities it offered to generate a broad scope of interest in many fields.”
Your career spans being Chairman of the United States Civil Service Commission for eight years, in the decade of the '60s; receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1969; serving as President of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for two years; and being awarded, over time, eleven honorary LLD degrees from distinguished colleges and universities. You have been an author, a teacher, an administrator at your alma mater, Wesleyan University, and a prodigious servant of the voluntary sector.

John W. Macy, Jr., your School honors you with the Francis R. Stanton Alumni Recognition and pays tribute to your many contributions to American society. You serve as a formidable model for our aspirations.

Presented June 8, 1984
Mary Pick Hines '49, President, Alumni Association
The North Shore Country Day School
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