Dr. Katherine Sanford Mifflin '33 (1990)

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Katherine Sanford Mifflin '33 to the 71st commencement ceremony of The North Shore Country Day School to receive the 1990 Francis R. Stanton Alumni Recognition Award.

In her work and in her life Dr. Mifflin has embodied the School's motto, "Live and Serve." Her long and distinguished career as a research scientist with the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, has produced important contributions to the understanding of the complex mechanisms of cancer.
Her research has been described as "opening new frontiers and reflecting a blend of sophisticated conceptualization, reasoning, technical design and execution." To cite an example, in collaboration with a cytogeneticist at Howard University, Dr. Mifflin has discovered that a genetic defect in the ability of cells to repair damaged genes may contribute to the onset of cancer. In addition to her own writing and laboratory work, Dr. Mifflin has been extremely active in her profession, serving on many advisory boards and undertaking a variety of editorial tasks.

Dr. Mifflin makes it clear that the education she got at The North Shore Country Day School instilled a love of learning and question-asking that sustained her in college and graduate school and continues to sustain her to this day. In particular, she points to two key aims of Perry Dunlap Smith and his then new school — the emphasis on student participation and on active learning through creative projects. "I am extremely grateful," she tells us, "for the early training I received at North Shore."

We, in turn, are extremely grateful for the important work she has done, as well as for her devotion to the School. We are delighted she has joined us today, so that we can bestow upon her, with enormous pride, the Francis R. Stanton Alumni Recognition Award.

Presented June 8, 1990
John S. Darrow ' 65, President, Alumni Association
The North Shore Country Day School
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