Robert A. Aldrich '35 (1993)

It is fitting, indeed, that The North Shore Country Day School, a place that exists to educate and nurture young people, should be presenting the 1993 Francis R. Stanton Alumni Recognition to Robert A. Aldrich '35, a distinguished pediatrician and long-time advocate for children.

Bob Aldrich has practiced medicine, done important scientific research, written numerous articles and books, lectured around the world and served as a national leader on children's issues.
Some indicators of his reputation are: in 1962 President John F. Kennedy appointed him Director of the National Institute of Child Health and Development; in 1986 he was presented the Outstanding Public Service Award by the University of Washington; in 1989 he gave an address at the Centennial Symposium of the Pediatric Department of the University of Tokyo. In retirement, Bob has continued to lecture and write, his most recent effort being a fine book titled Grandparenting for the 90s: Parenting is Forever.

And Bob Aldrich continues to work hard on behalf of one of his most far-reaching and endearing ideas: Kidsplace. Bob hatched Kidsplace in 1983 as a civic project dedicated to making his hometown of Seattle a safer and more attractive place for children Eventually Kidsplace came to include a KidsBoard of teenagers who lobby city hall; a new network of bicycle-paths; an annual KidsDay featuring, among other things, free museum admissions; new play areas downtown; longer hours at recreation centers; a proposed system of child-care centers throughout Seattle; and much more. The best news of all is that, in the last ten years, a number of other cities have adopted the Kidsplace idea.

It gives me great pleasure to present the 1993 Francis R. Stanton Alumni Recognition to Dr. Kidsplace himself, Robert A. Aldrich of the Class of 1935.

Presented June 11, 1993
Molly Ingram '80, President, Alumni Association
The North Shore Country Day School
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