Fisher Howe '31 (1989)

While most of us might be satisfied with one distinguished career, Fisher Howe has had what he refers to as multiple incarnations. He was a textile salesman. Then, following twenty-five years as a foreign service officer, he was dean at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Recently, he has been involved in fundraising programs for a number of non-profit institutions, mostly as a consultant.
Fisher graduated from The North Shore Country Day School in 1931. He was not quite a "lifer," spending only twelve years here. Fisher went on to Harvard to earn his A.B. in history. He served with the United States Navy from 1942 to 1944 and then moved on to the State Department. His assignments there included tours in Norway and the Netherlands as well as many positions in Washington.

Both big and small organizations have benefited from Fisher Howe's expertise as a fundraiser. In addition to his direct consultations, his clear, concise advice to board members has been printed in the Harvard Business Review and by the National Conference for Nonprofit Boards. He practices what he preaches by serving on the boards of the Fountain Valley School in Colorado Springs, Hospice Care of D.C. and several other organizations.

The North Shore Country Day School is pleased to present the Francis R. Stanton Alumni Recognition Award to you, Fisher Howe, in recognition of your wise, dedicated and enthusiastic service to your country and to those institutions that work to make our country a better place.

Presented June 9, 1989
John S. Darrow '65, President of the Alumni Association
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