Lower School Features

The school experience is dynamic, exciting and fun with the addition of feature programs.

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  • Art

    The art program in Lower School focuses on each child's creative ability and basic skill development in drawing, painting, design, printmaking, sculpture and textiles. Students use a wide variety of materials through age-appropriate individual and group projects. During each term, selected art projects are coordinated with classroom activities and are integrated into the curriculum. The program emphasizes the development of creative problem solving, media exploration, art history, cultural references and personal expression.
  • Library

    Our library program encourages children to become lifelong learners. Students engage in learning activities that use the library's print and technology resources. Our aim is to help them "learn how to learn," both independently and with others. Students also learn to appreciate literature as we share a variety of quality books through reading aloud and discussions. We also encourage children to develop their love of reading by selecting books to check out and enjoy.
  • Music

    The Lower School music program is based on the philosophies of Orff-Schulwerk, Kodaly, Dalcroze, Music Learning Theory and the knowledge that children learn best by doing.  Through the years in Lower School music classes and ensembles, the children have experiences in singing, creative and rhythmic movement, drama, music notation, playing instruments, listening and creating whenever possible.

    Students also develop at large repertoire of songs. In addition, Lower School chorus offers a choral experience for children in 3rd through 5th grade. The chorus sings many different styles and frequently has the opportunity to work with contemporary composers. An instrumental music program is offered with beginning band in 5th grade.
  • Physical Education

    A variety of physical education program activities help children become physically active and healthy for a lifetime. A concern to fitness, basic skill development, health and sportsmanship underlies the program. Classes strive to enhance the development of a child's creativity and self-confidence. Experiences and activities develop and maintain muscular strength, motor skills, agility, endurance and coordination to the best of each individual's ability.
  • Science

    At North Shore, Lower School science is a hands-on program of discovery set in a real science lab. Students participate in cooperative learning and problem-based thinking and are encouraged to question, take risks and develop their curiosity. They become careful and accurate observers, and experimenters as they explore different units of study such as electricity, volcanoes, sustainability, recycling, landfills, magnetism, plant growth, solutions, building for strength, electrical circuits and owl pellets. Units on health education are also covered in science classes and classroom activities.
  • Spanish

    The Spanish program is designed to develop expressive and receptive language skills, upon a rich and diverse foundation of cultural knowledge. Student are given opportunities to use the language meaningfully, in multiple context, through a variety of group and peer activities. Vocabulary games, songs, readings, music, movement and multi-media resources are all used to provide a broad contextual background.

    A wide variety of authentic matierals enrich and complement instruction. Lessons are interactive and present students with opportunities to use their language skills during each class. All efforts are made to bring language and cultural studies out of the Spanish classroom and into the greater Lower School community.
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