Annual Giving

Annual Giving is our first fundraising priority because it provides flexible resources to support the school's annual operating budget.

Tax-deductible contributions help make up the difference between tuition and the actual cost of educating a student (approximately $11,000 per student).


Give Annually. Impact Daily.

Annual contributions impact every area of campus life and help NSCD deliver a well-rounded and enriched education to our students, including:

  • Faculty salaries and development of strong, innovative curriculum

  • Educational technology and equipment

  • Equity, inclusion and community engagement initiatives

  • Library acquisitions and classroom supplies

  • Service-learning and experiential programs

  • Scholarships

  • Basic campus maintenance and operation

Giving Societies


Through a range of experiences in and out of the classroom, students are immersed in science, mathematics, humanities, language and the arts. Our broad and ever-evolving curriculum challenges and engages students to strive for personal growth and academic excellence.


The arts have always been an essential part of the student experience.  Founding Headmaster Perry Dunlap Smith believed, and we still believe, that exposure to performing and visual arts is critical to developing the whole child and a quality education.


Full participation in our athletics program impacts every student, and builds comradery, sportsmanship and Raider pride. There are offerings in all divisions—for lower through upper school students—from track to soccer, basketball and more —in addition to a PE program.


At North Shore, "Live and Serve" is more than just a motto—it's something our students embrace in their learning and embody through their actions. Whether integrated into the curriculum as service learning or initiated by student clubs, everyone gets involved.

Annual Giving 2023-24

Goal: $1,583,314 million
20% Funded
Updated 8/14/2023

Thank you for supporting us as we reach for our Annual Giving 2023-24 goal!

2022-23 Annual Giving Parent Representatives


12 – Susan Gallun, Ann Settimi                 
11 – Sarah Geist Rosen ’86, Julie Ugarte 
10 – Nat Roberts, Jennifer Shreve 
 9 – Alison Fitzgerald, Kavita Narasimhan
 8 – Jackie Cotter, Katie Laabs, Susan Millner 
 7 – Stephanie Henry, Steve Shultz 
 6 – Pete Tarsney, Jenny Kalyviaris 
 5 – Katie Florig, Nina Gallin
 4 – Meera Bhatia, Debbie Miceli 
 3 – Pascale Dunaway, Erika Milbratz 
 2 – Alda Benjamen, Dan Engel, Diane Williams 
 1 – Raj Bagga, Katie Todd ’96
SK – Claire Weingarden, Vera Xu
JK – Jenny Beyrak 

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