Hannaford Recognition

This program was initiated on January 4, 1985, to annually recognize a person who has given distinguished service to North Shore Country Day.

Foster Hannaford himself gave a long and distinguished service to the school. He served as a member of the Board of Trustees for 48 years and was a Trustee of the School's Foundation for 35 years. His five children attended NSCD: Taylor Hannaford Churchill '33, Foster Hannaford, Jr. '34, R. Ogden Hannaford '35, Priscilla Hannaford Greeley '37 and Charlotte Hannaford Drake '44.  He died in June 1981.



Mouse & Tom Doar (2019)

On the cusp of our Centennial, we are honored to acknowledge two treasured Raiders, Mouse and Tom Doar, as they join the ranks of the "Hannafordians," a term coined by former Board Chair Susan Bondurant when she was acknowledged in 2016. The impact Tom and Mouse have had on our School community is incalculable, and something we all cherish. They are steadfast believers in students and teachers, as are their three children, Tom '00, Charlie '03 and Mullery '06, who were raised as Raiders. They have left an indelible mark on North Shore Country Day School, and we will be forever grateful.

Bert Getz and The Getz Family (2018)

The Getz Family has been associated with North Shore Country Day School since Bert Sr. was a member of the Class of 1955. Years later, when Bert’s grandchildren enrolled, the Getz family once again immersed themselves in North Shore, serving the School in countless ways. Lindsay ’16, Bert ’18 and Lachlan ’20 attended North Shore much the same way as their grandfather did—by investing themselves fully in academics, arts, service and athletics.

Susan Bondurant (2016)

Susan Bondurant believes in education, believes in schools and believes in North Shore Country Day. It would be difficult to find a portion of North Shore today without Susan’s fingerprints. Susan and her husband Scott are the parents of Brooke, class of 2013, and Cara, class of 2016. As parents they always extended themselves personally to connect with fellow parents, students, teachers and staff in meaningful ways. Committed to serving the School, Susan brought her personal touch and marketing background to bear as an active leader in the Parents’ Association and Benefit Board Auctions.

Stephanie & Tom Formolo (2015)

We can always count on Stephanie and Tom. They are always there when needed, always responding, always making positive things happen. They are role models for us all. They have been fully involved as members of the North Shore community at all levels and as leaders of the Parents’ Association, Benefit Board and Board of Trustees. They are parents of four “lifers” – Hayley ’10, Cassi ’12 and this year’s seniors Reese ’16 and AJ ’16.

Mary Ann & Rory Finlay (2014)

North Shore's commitment to community and to family has always been vital to the School’s essence. The Finlay family, in many ways, defines that essence. As a family, their thoughtful involvement and level of engagement at North Shore has been exemplary.

The Jessen Family (2013)

For 49 years, Howard and Susie, during her life, built lasting and meaningful relationships with countless people in the North Shore community. They, along with their family — Art '70 and Diane '70, Ned '73 and Lynn '74, Gwen '76, Chris '00 and Brian '02 — have been a wonderfully consistent presence — there for others, always connected, always there for the School.

Jay Bach (2012)

Forty-eight years. Jay’s service to North Shore spans over half of North Shore’s existence. Flexible and responsive. Committed and connected. For Jay, no task is too large, no task is too small. Jay Bach has done it all—with a steadfast focus and a true Raider commitment.

Tracey Shafroth (2011)

There hasn't been an aspect of North Shore Country Day School that Tracey hasn't touched—students, faculty, staff, parents, Board members, alumni—all have been enriched by Tracey—her magic, her insight, her awareness, her energy and her warmth. Tracey's remarkable contributions to the School continue to be so far-reaching that they are difficult, if not impossible, to measure.

Jeff Colman (2010)

Live and Serve. Jeff truly does it all. With awareness, kindness, enthusiasm, tireless energy and remarkable insight, Jeff has volunteered, he has lead, and he has partnered with students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, Trustees and alumni to advance North Shore.

Jane Deuble (2009)

Jane Deuble’s long-term association with North shore Country Day School started in 1963 with her children attending the School’s summer camp program that led to their enrollment as students in the School. The term "lifer" describes students who have been at North Shore from kindergarten through 12th grade, but Jane could be characterized as a "lifer extraordinaire."

Alice Graff Childs '37 (2008)

Alice Graff Childs—ambassador, role model and the embodiment of North Shore's motto "Live and Serve." Her positive involvement is broad and far-reaching; her philanthropic support, so consistent and most generous; her spirit and energy most genuine; her connections to others so open and honest.

Patty Washburn (2007)

Patty Washburn's presence on the North Shore Country Day School campus began in the fall of 1983 when she was hired to be the Assistant Teacher in the third grade. The following year she moved to the kindergarten where she served as lead Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten Teacher until her retirement in 2004. 

Julie & Parker (2006)

Julie and Parker Hall together have contributed time, perspective, insight and a generous spirit that have sustained North Shore Country Day School. Dedicated, aware, passionate and focused, Julie and Parker hold themselves to very high standards and have delivered on those standards in their efforts for the School.

Jane Cheney Woods'37 (2005)

Jane Cheney Woods' example has set a standard for thoughtful and meaningful membership in a school community. Her depth of loyalty is unusual; her philanthropy remarkable; her insight informed and perceptive.

Raymond Olson Jr. '51 (2004)

Ray Olson was always a teacher at heart. He touched all those who came in contact with him through his kindness, willingness to listen and understand, and spirited enthusiasm for life. He always wanted to be a teacher according to his wife, Carol, and certainly was to many who came to know him. His love for children shined through in his work with his church, Cub Scouts, in his community and at North Shore Country Day School.Julie and Parker Hall together have contributed time, perspective, insight and a generous spirit that have sustained North Shore Country Day School. Dedicated, aware, passionate and focused, Julie and Parker hold themselves to very high standards and have delivered on those standards in their efforts for the School.

Robert E. Beerheide (2003) 

Bob Beerheide served North Shore Country Day School for 23 years as Business Manager—but also as advisor, colleague and trusted friend. This Hannaford Recognition acknowledges his remarkable dedication, effectiveness, work ethic and focus. During his tenure as Business Manager, Bob played a critical role in the School's growth and success.

Judy Mason Drake '35 (2002)

What doesn't she do? As goodwill ambassador for North Shore Country Day School, Judy Mason Drake has done it all. From volunteer to event host to school supporter extraordinaire, Judy is a model for all. Judy knows the value of a North Shore education and expresses that appreciation in every way she supports the School. Her network of friends in the community makes us stronger by remaining connected to our alumni and friends.

Michael J. Cavanaugh, M.D. (2000) 

The year was 1975 and you, Dr. Michael Cavanaugh, finding yourself captivated by what you have called "the wonderful sense of community  at North Shore Country Day School, enrolled your oldest daughter in the School's kindergarten. That move launched what you describe as a "25-year love affair" between you and the NSCDS community, as you and your wife, Jean went on to send all four of your children to North Shore.

James W. DeYoung (1999) 

It was breakfast at the Pretty Good Cafe where Jim DeYoung first described the concept of the 21st Century Fund, soon after my appointment as Head of School. He presented the idea of a $1 million fund, raised by trustees to show their faith in the School and allow us to translate our new mission statement from dream to reality.

William B. Hinchliff '64 (1998) 

Can you imagine anyone doing a Morning Ex on "Street Lamps along the North Shore" and making it fascinating? I couldn't until Bill Hinchliff did it. Bill is the only person I know who can run through a slide show at record speed and keep up with himself in his dialogue. He even ends with his audiences begging for more.

John S. Bakalar (1998) 

One could map the whole globe and not find a man who listens so acutely and thinks so astutely as John Bakalar. I can’t count the times over the past 10 years when he has posed just the right question or provided just the right answer to a complex problem. John has an uncanny ability to absorb details like a sponge—and to remember them.

Mary Elizabeth Price Hunt '42 (1997) 

It was 54 years ago when Mary Elizabeth Price graduated from North Shore Country Day School. You might think that graduation would be the end of her ties to this school, but it was more like the beginning.

Anita Straub Darrow '38 & John Darrow '65 (1996) 

Gilbert and Sullivan phraseology is most appropriate for members of the Darrow Dynasty, which includes many of their sisters and their cousins and their aunts. As a student, Anita Straub played the violin for "Pirates of Penzance" while Bill Darrow played oboe, and from those early days on, Onnie's service on behalf of NSCDS has seemed almost instinctual.

Lynne Wavering Shotwell ’60 (1995) 

Perhaps Lynne Shotwell began to love North Shore when she was in kindergarten, maybe it wasn't until she was Chip Shotwell's lab partner in Will Talley's Physics class, but dedication to the School seems part of her family. Her father, Elmer Wavering, established the Vera D. Wavering Sabbatical Program in memory of her mother, and Lynne, after 14 years as a student here, has spent the last 15 as a parent of Molly '87 and Henley '95.

William F. Freisem (1994) 

After serving as Head of the History Department from 1973 to 1990, Bill Freisem retired, only to return as Head of the Upper School in 1992-93. In his tenure at North Shore, Bill taught much more than history and social studies. He inspired others to ask probing questions about the world and about themselves. His thoughtfulness and wisdom continued to change those who know him. 

George F. Eldredge '41 (1993) 

In his 28 years at North Shore, George Eldredge was a student, tutor, dormitory supervisor, bus driver, substitute teacher, full-time teacher, Head of Lower and Middle Schools, Headmaster and friend to many. But to anyone who knew him, it isn't the number of years or variety of tasks he performed that come to mind right away. It's that he was such a marvelous teacher—creative, insightful, compassionate and humorous.

Donald S. Perkins (1992) 

Throughout his distinguished business career—first with the Jewel Companies and more recently as a member of the board of directors of numerous corporations—Donald S. Perkins has given an enormous amount of time to his community in the form of service on the boards of schools, hospitals, museums and charitable organizations. It is fair to say that Don Perkins personifies the very concept of the civic leader.

Jane Burns (1991) 

Newcomers to North Shore Country Day School were invariably shocked to discover that Jane Burns was not an employee but a volunteer—a volunteer, it must be quickly said, with a capital V, or, better yet VE, for Volunteer Extraordinaire. She started volunteering for the School in the fall of 1982, coming to the rescue of Liz Hunt, who was doing about 15 different jobs and feeling "as if I were about to die."

Francis R. Stanton '27 (1990)

Distinguished service to the School has become almost synonymous with the name of Franny Stanton. His relationship with the School is as long as it is profound, beginning with his place in the fifth grade class on the day the School was opened back in 1919.

Mary Pick Hines '49 (1989)

It would be hard to think about North Shore Country Day School without considering the enormous participation of Mary Pick Hines '49. After 10 years at the School, she attended Vassar College and then resumed her close association with the School when her first son entered the kindergarten in 1959.

Jack Burnell (1988)

Jack Burnell has had a long association with North Shore Country Day School, first through three siblings who attended the School, and then through the experience of his two children: Dana '82 and David '86. He joined the Board of Trustees in 1984, and his participation became immediate when Jack Wing, Chairman of the Board, asked him to assume the chairmanship of the Buildings and Grounds Committee. The Library would not have been completed without Jack Burnell.

Cameron S. Avery (1987)

The relationship between Cameron Avery and North Shore Country Day School has spanned 16 years, beginning at the time he was the spouse of a member of our faculty. Anne Avery taught Anthropology and Psychology for seven years at the School. His years as a school parent began in 1973 when Chris entered the School; Joanne entered the senior kindergarten in 1977. He was elected to the Board of Trustees that same year and became President three years later. 

Richard J. Franke (1986)

Richard J. Franke has demonstrated a special dedication to North Shore Country Day School. He served as Treasurer and President of the Board of Trustees, as well as Chairman of the major fund drive, Endowing Educational Excellence. His close association with the School began with the attendance of his two children, Katherine '77 and Jane '80, and it continued both through his own involvement and his wife Barbara's three-year service to the School as its college counselor.

Virginia S. Deane '41 (1985)

The first recipient of the Foster Hannaford Recognition was Virginia S. Deane, Class of 1941. She had a long and valued relationship with North Shore—beginning as a student in the Class of 1941. A graduate of Smith College, cum laude, Ginnie earned her master's degree in education from the Winnetka Graduate Teachers' College while a teacher-intern at North Shore.