The Benefit 2023


Thank you for coming together at The Benefit 2023–Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds to support our health and wellness initiatives. We are grateful for all of you who make these important elements of a North Shore education possible. 

Thank you to our generous supporters:

Anonymous (3)
Brandon and Stacy Ackley
Matt and Kathryn A'Hearn
Brayton and Pim Alley
Gia Anayas
Kaled and Lina Awada
Patti and Jay Bach
Mayur and Maribel Bawa
Daniel Yonan and Alda Benjamen
Ilya and Jenny Beyrak
Tej and Sumedha Bhattal
Dorothy Biel
Chandler and Elizabeth Hines Bigelow
Dr. Judith Nerad and Mr. Bruce Blair '69
Therese and Lee Block
Blair Hunt Bobier '09
Carson and Dori Boneck
Nicole and John Borovicka
Mr. Richard Callahan and Ms. Bic Wirtz
Kelly Callon-McLean and Patrick McLean
Susan and Michael Canmann
Brian and Heidi Capozzi
The Carter Family
Toya and Marlon Chatman
Chen Che and Lin Xi
Pamela Winston Christensen '61
Adam and Diane Code
Vanessa and Matt Colman
Mr. David Colton and Dr. Jessica Rappaport
Scott and Ranell Conine
Erica and Jeff Conlon
Sean and Diana Connolly
Earl and Karen Cunningham
Rebecca A. Dachille '09
Alexander and Cassandra Dadakis
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dalman
William Davis and Regina Schwartz
Nick and Colleen Detchev
Clarke and Katie Devereux
Margaret and Paul DeWoskin '86
Martha and John Dienner
Elizabeth Doi '09
Michael and Kenzie Doornweerd
Matthew Downe '04
Jordan and Stephanie Dubow
Chuck and Clara Duffield
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Dunaway
Ben and Jill Erwin
Julie and Erik Falk
Chad and Kim Feingold
Mary and David Fielder
Alison and Bill Fitzgerald
Diana and Tom Flemma
Louise and Tom Flickinger
Katie and Andrew Florig
Jeffrey J. Foreman '80
Susan and Steven Fortier
Brian and Tracie Frederick
Kim Frezados/Kohn-Joseloff Foundation
Krista and J.P. Gallagher
Rich and Susan Gallun
Aaron and Jordana Goldstein
Joshua and Irene Goldstein
Ari and Judy Golson
Mark Gent and Jennifer Gonzalez-Gent '98
Jay and Karen Goodgold
Dan and Leah Gordon
Elizabeth Graettinger '94
Jonathan and Sarah Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Greenstein
Jill and David Greer
The Grimsley Family
Ibrahim and Sibel Tekin Gunay
Nora Hansen
Mickeeya Murray Harrison '02
Mike Henn
Jake and Stephanie Henry
Robert Herzog and Niki St. Pierre Herzog
Josh Hilton and Brook Wharton
Matthew Hodgkins and Kristell Sachet
Donald and Karen Morgan Holmberg
Cindy Hooper
Russell and Karen Horowitz
Jun Hou and Ziaojie Zhang
Craig Howard and Frieda Molina
Michael and Melissa Howard
Ed and Kim Huang
Peter and Gray Hulick
The Huss Family
Ashish and Ritu Jain
Kitty Bliss & Jerry James
Arthur '70 and Diane Flint Jessen '70
Craig Johnson and Meera Bhatia
Patrick and Tessa Kalotis
Jon-Peter Kelly and Hannah Chung
The Keswani Family
Linda Kiracibasi
Amanda Alpert Knight
Ellen and Rob Knight
Janie and Strib Koster
Vijay and Shiraz Kotte
Anne and Olivier Leonetti
Mrs. Sarah Levi and Dr. Gabriel Levi '95
Joe and Candice Lind
The Long Family
Dr. Amanda and Mr. Thomas T. Macejko, Jr.
Stephen and Mary Mahieu
Christopher and Sarah Martinez
Patrick and Miggie McCurry
Mr. and Mrs. William T. McDowell (Molly Ingram '80)
James Meixner and Rachel Cannon
Heather and Greg Metz
Rick and Krista Meyers
Koben and Debbie Miceli
The Milbratz Family
Joshua Miller and Quinnetta Bellows-Miller '04
Jason and Susan Millner
Joe Monaghan and Claire Weingarden
Brian and Jessica Montgomery
Rui and Andrea Moreira
Dr. Sheryl L. Murray
Chethra Muthiah and Jayanth Surakanti
Sergio and Carolina Nahuz
Ming Ni and Yan Zou
Brett O'Brien and Jessica Dawson O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Paul O'Brien
Cy '89 and Molly Shotwell Oelerich '87
Okwudili Okeke and Nnenna Okore
Ms. Nancy O'Shea
Thaddeus Wilson and Megan Panje-Wilson
Diane Williams Parker '58
Chris and Ali Pearson
Ian and Angie Pinner
Michael and Noreen Potempa
Jeff and Kristen Moffat Powell '86
The Bullock-Puzon Family
Raj and Shrunali Rai
Boris and Jennifer Rapoport
Stephanie Rapp and Renee Lanam
Nat Roberts and Laura Zung
Ilan Rodzynek and Cindy Zadikoff
John Roselli and Tina Dalman Roselli
James Rosen and Sarah Geist Rosen '86
Amy and Arijit Roy
The Rozsival Family
Jay Ryan and Lynn Kahla-Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan
David and Dana Sackar
Peter and Atour Sargon
Andrew and Annie Scribner
Christina and Dennis Self
Ann and Joe Settimi
Tracey Shafroth
Liz and Tom Sherwood
Phillip and Missy Shinall
Jessica and Bong Shinn
Steven Shultz and Tiffani Pierson
Adam and Lowey Sichol
Marjana and Omair Siraj
Benjamin and Bethany Smith
Chuck Smith and Jennifer Zobair
Peter and Deborah Smith
Katherine and John Sprenger
Duff and Chase Stevenson
Jennifer L. Stone '82
John and Claire Storino
Tim and Maggie Storino
Joshua Strauss and Anat Geva
Toufic Tabbara and Lamis Abulkhair
Aaron Tantleff and Jill Sheiman
Quay and Jeana Tao
Kelly and Kathryn Todd '96
Rich and Julie Ugarte
Jim and Tricia Valenti
Sallie Welsh Vanarsdale '40
Mukund Venu and Priyanka Nair
Susanna and Renaat Ver Eecke
The Wachter Family
Alesia and Derek Wall
Ashleigh Palmer Weathers '04
Melissa and Matthew Wessel
Donald '70 and Nancy Green Whiteman '71
Betty Fisher Wiggins '93 and Michael Wiggins
Maureen and Art Wilde
Mark and Diane Williams
Rudy and Nichole Wilson
Ms. Sue Wollin
Janelle and Andrew Wood ‘90
Kevin and Amy Woolf
Rhonda and Farhan Yasin
Alex and Megan Yekelchik
Mr. and Mrs. Sun Yoo
Debbie and Ethan Youderian
Anne Hines Young '77
Connie Zhou and Charles Zhao
Matthew and Marny Zimmer

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Every year since 1981, NSCD has held an annual fundraising event—from an auction, to the Purple Wave, to a Scholarship Dinner. 

Over the years, North Shore’s annual benefit has raised more than $6 million to fund areas not fully covered by the operating budget, such as curriculum and teaching fund grants, student scholarships and faculty enrichment grants. It has also helped fund major capital projects including the renovation of the lower school, construction of the Conant Science Center and renovation of the Auditorium and Arts Center.

Kelly Callon-McLean
Kim Frezados

Chen Che
Hannah Chung
Elizabeth Graettinger '94
Jill Greer
Gray Hulick
Lynn Kahla-Ryan
Erika Milbratz
Mayja Pastrana
Betty Fisher Wiggins ’93
Janelle Wood

Bill and Cathy Kleiman
   Bartholomay ’79
Ilya and Jenny Beyrak
^Kelly Callon-McLean and
   Patrick McLean
Katie and Clarke Devereux
Jill and Ben Erwin
Alison and Bill Fitzgerald
Tom and Diana Flemma
^Tom and Louise Flickinger
^Jeff Foreman '80
The Frezados Family
Krista and J.P. Gallagher
Rich and Susan Gallun
Ari and Judy Golson
Jay and Karen Goodgold
Dan and Leah Gordon
Elizabeth Graettinger ’94
Jonathan and Sarah Graham
Jill and David Greer
Ibrahim Gunay and
   Sibel Tekin Gunay
Ashish and Ritu Jain
Lynn Kahla-Ryan and Jay Ryan
^Anne and Olivier Leonetti
Rhonda Lipsey and Farhan Yasin
The Long Family
Patrick and Miggie McCurry
Koben and Debbie Miceli
^Chethra Muthiah and Jayanth        Surakanti
Ming Ni and Yan Zou
Brett O'Brien and
    Jessica Dawson O'Brien
Cy Oelerich ’89 and
   Molly Shotwell Oelerich ’87
Jeff and Kristen
   Moffat Powell '86
Raj and Shrunali Rai
Jennifer and Boris Rapoport
Nat Roberts and Laura Zung
James and Sarah Geist
   Rosen ’86
^Christina and Dennis Self
Liz and Tom Sherwood
^Jessica and Bong Shinn
Steven Shultz and
   Tiffani Pierson
Katherine and John Sprenger
^Duff and Chase Stevenson
^Jennifer L. Stone ’82
^Susanna and Renaat Ver Eecke
Michael and Betty Fisher                    Wiggins ’93
^Nichole and Rudy Wilson
Hillary Wirtz '97 and Erin Quaglia
Janelle and Andrew Wood ’90
Nina and Sun Yoo
Jennifer Zobair and Chuck Smith

^ Trustee