The Benefit for Scholarships 2024

Thank you to everyone who attended the Benefit for Scholarships 2024. We are grateful for each and every one of you for helping to make a North Shore Country Day education accessible to all students. A special thanks to our host and planning committees for leading this event; our live auction donors and winners; our event sponsors and attendees; our 12th grade volunteers; Evelyn Gonzalez ’18, parents of alumni Nancy and Scott Santi, and former trustee Kelly Tyson for sharing their stories in our video; and all of you who raised your paddles and donated to the event.

If you couldn't attend but would like to make a donation, please make a gift below.

Have a question? Contact Tracie Frederick.



Hannah Chung
Lynn Kahla-Ryan

Katie Devereux
Gray Hulick
Natalie Kroft
Rhonda Lipsey
Debbie Miceli
Erika Milbratz
Heather Nornes
Mayja Pastrana
Liz Sherwood
Chase Stevenson
Dani Vanden Heuvel
Janelle Wood

^Tony Blumberg ’76
^Kelly Callon-McLean and
   Patrick McLean
^Michael and Meredith Carter
Sean and Diana Connolly
Richard and Vanessa Copans
Katie and Clarke Devereux
Ben and Jill Erwin
Alison and Bill Fitzgerald
Tom and Diana Flemma
^Tom and Louise Flickinger
^Jeff Foreman ’80
The Frezados Family
Krista and J.P. Gallagher
Rich and Susan Gallun
Dan and Leah Gordon
Jonathan and Sarah Graham
Ibrahim and Sibel T. Gunay
^Stephanie and Jake Henry
Michael and Melissa Howard
Luke and Maggie Kelly
James Meixner and
   Rachel Cannon
Koben and Debbie Miceli
Ming Ni and Yan Zou
Cy Oelerich ’89 and Molly
   Shotwell Oelerich ’87
Chris and Ali Pearson
Jeff and Kristen
   Moffat Powell ’86
Brian and Stacey Price
Nat Roberts and Laura Zung
Lynn Kahla-Ryan and Jay Ryan
^Christina and Dennis Self
Liz and Tom Sherwood
Jessica and Bong Shinn
Steven Shultz and
   Tiffani Pierson
Chuck Smith and
   Jennifer Zobair
Melissa Smith
Katherine and John Sprenger
^Duff and Chase Stevenson
^Jennifer L. Stone ’82
John and Claire Storino
Julie and Rich Ugarte
^Susanna and
   Renaat Ver Eecke
Michael and Betty
   Fisher Wiggins ’93
Mark and Diane Williams
^Nichole and Rudy Wilson
Hillary Wirtz ’97
   and Erin Quaglia
Kevin and Amy Woolf
Rhonda and Farhan Yasin