The Benefit 2023

Friday, February 24 | 6:30 p.m.
North Shore Country Day Mac Gym

Registration is Live!


We hope you’ll join us for another exciting evening on campus filled with food, fun and fundraising to support student experiences focusing on health and wellness. Funds raised will allow us to be responsive to evolving program needs and those opportunities that we can’t yet anticipate. 

The Benefit annually supports North Shore Country Day's strategic initiatives. This year, these funds will support experiences focusing on health and wellness initiatives that happen inside and outside the school day, such as the mental health education we did for students last year. This year’s Benefit funds will be restricted to support our expanding health and wellness programming.

Every year since 1981, NSCD has held an annual fundraising event—from an auction, to the Purple Wave, to a Scholarship Dinner. 

Over the years, North Shore’s annual benefit has raised more than $6 million to fund areas not fully covered by the operating budget, such as curriculum and teaching fund grants, student scholarships and faculty enrichment grants. It has also helped fund major capital projects including the renovation of the lower school, construction of the Conant Science Center and renovation of the Auditorium and Arts Center.

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